• Session Time: 60-90 min (approx)
  • Price: from £40.00

Crystals are amazing! They heal as they work through the energy system in the body (chakras) and not through the physical body.


Healing with the use of crystals can be incorporated into a reiki session. Alternatively it is a popular practice to place appropriate crystals onto each chakra, this technique is called "laying on of stones".

Placing crystals on areas of the body is extremely beneficial to healing and the client experiences deep relaxation. Certain crystals can be chosen to release pain and muscle tension.

Crystals are naturally occuring solids made from minerals mainly formed in the earth´s surface. Each Chakra relates to different phsyical and emotional aspects within the body, placing the relevant crystal on a particular Chakra will be beneficial to the healing process.

Crystals vibrate at different frequencies. Channeling energy they work like radio signals - focusing, transmitting, transmuting and storing energy.